A Vision of Students Today

By DJ Kelly November 28, 2007

I meant to post this video earlier. (Maybe I saw it before I started this blog…)

I think it is important viewing for anyone who considers themselves a “teacher”. I also think it is important to anyone who considers themselves a “marketer”. It is just a glimpse inside the lives of everyday students, which is something I currently see everyday. And I can tell you this much: this video is accurate. It’s pretty much spot on right.

How do we reach 18-25 year olds? (BTW soon that number will grow to 18-30 year olds then 18-35 year olds.) Certainly the old style of teaching and marketing will not work for much longer.

I’m inspired by the fact that at least I see some instructors changing their ways and getting more involved with students. Speaking to them rather than at them.

Marketers are leading the way on this trend. Especially the ones that do it with no condescension. Those are the successful marketers. And hopefully the successful teachers.