Did Bronco suddenly go insane while I was tying my shoes?

By DJ Kelly November 7, 2007

I guess I blinked or something because $1.3 billion was just spent by the City of Calgary in one day. And at the very first council meeting! And with four alderman who have only had their jobs for three weeks!

Well, it seems that while I was in the bathroom Bronconnier quickly fulfilled the lion’s share of his campaign promises. Wowie-zowie, talk about fast. All I knew was that he wanted to extend the LRT to the west and build three new recreation centres. Well, that’s about as much as the alderman know too apparently. Even after the pile of money was carted off to Calgary Transit in wheelbarrows that’s still about as much as anyone seems to know.

I can’t help but think we’re a little short on the details here. How does something that just three weeks ago that was merely a campaign promise turn into sound legislation so quickly? (Hell, the federal Liberals promised to scrap the GST in 1993 before being voted in and we’re still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled.)

Should that large an amount of money be spent with so little public input? Where will the rec centres go exactly? Seriously, shouldn’t we actually at least talk about the possibility of the West LRT going to Mount Royal and the Currie Barracks (with their soon to be ridiculously – by Calgary standards – high density)? I didn’t even have enough time to walk to city hall let alone talk to my alderman about the options before the mayor signed a giant novelty cheque.

Maybe its just me, but I’m starting to think Bronconnier might be certifiably insane. And the aldermen are just frightened schoolgirls when he ‘gets that crazy look in his eyes’. I like Bronco, don’t get me wrong. I think a little bit of crazy is a good thing. But it seems like very little due diligence was done here. And for something Bronco himself calls “a tipping point in city history” none-the-less. I have to agree with Naheed Nenshi on this one: WTF Mr. Mayor?

PS – Can anybody tell me if there is enough money left over in this infrastructure funding to fix the pothole in the alley out back of my place? If you pay for the dirt and can lend me a shovel I’m happy to do it myself. No? No more money? Okay, umm… thanks anyway.