Herald + RSS = deserving of DJ’s luv

By DJ Kelly November 14, 2007

Today is a very good day for my relationship with the Calgary Herald. We’re BFF now. Or, for now.

I’ve often cursed the Herald for wanting to put so much of an emphasis in its online content. “But DJ, why would you do that? You love the internet. You get almost all your news from it.” Well voice inside my head, that’s precisely the reason I’ve disliked the Herald. Let me explain…

I had a great conversation with the new – at the time – Herald Publisher Malcolm Kirk early this past summer at an fpInfomart sponsored event where he was the keynote speaker. Kirk was talking about the ‘new way we get news’. He’s talk was filled with a lot of ‘in the future we will…’ type comments, but he was short on details. My point at that time was about “free content”: How do you give it away for free on a website when you are so used to getting money for it? He again didn’t have a specific answer, but was honest in saying they were looking at all the options.

And so it has been from that time forward that I could only read the odd story on the Herald website (that wasn’t locked for online subscribers only). And I could only read the stories I went looking for.

But who does that? Who goes looking for the news? Other than reporters? Call me lazy if you will, but I want my news delivered to my door in the morning and to my television at 6pm and 11pm. Actually, scratch that. I want my news delivered to my computer whenever the heck I want it. And with RSS feeds I’ve been getting just that for a couple years now. At least I have from CBC…

But now! BUT NOW I can finally get my news from the Herald from RSS feeds as well.

Which is good news for me and them. Because, honestly, how seriously can you take a publisher who says he wants his paper to be on the leading edge of news delivery in the 21st Century when his website doesn’t even have an RSS feed! (Heck this blog even has one! — It’s over there on the right-hand side of the page if you’re not a subscriber but would like to be.)

Now about those truncated feeds Malcolm…