I will not do that. Actually, yes I will.

By DJ Kelly November 9, 2007

I thought Stephen Harper was the Canadian version of “the decider”? Well it looks like the Canadian decider changed his mind. And for no real apparent reason. Oh, and he kinda deferred the decision to someone else.

It was just announced that Harper, after saying he wouldn’t, will appoint an independent panel to decide whether the government should look into Karlheinz Schreiber’s new allegations of wrong doings of former PM Brian Mulroney. Or if you prefer to think of it differently: Harper has announced an inquiry into whether their should be an inquiry about a previous inquiry. Now THAT is pure-bred Canadian politics. Mmm-hmmm. Tastes like… maple syrup.

What does this mean? Well, basically Harper is deflecting political decision making to a non-political decision maker. (I won’t get into how shrewd a political decision this was for fear it will make the space time continuum collapse further.) But who will be leading this inquiry, you ask? Details! Details my friend. Harper’s the prime minister so back off! He made a decision already today. And if you keep hassling him you won’t get any more decisions until after Christmas.

So be a good little boy or girl and wait your turn to wait your turn while waiting your turn.