Is Calgary a "family-friendly" city?

By DJ Kelly November 28, 2007

I just read a very good post from the CEOs for Cities Blog which is a response to a Wall Street Journal article about “family-friendly cities”. This obviously got me thinking about whether or not Calgary is a family-friendly city.

In order to figure out if your city is family-friendly I suppose the first question is where do families come from? Certainly a young couple doesn’t get married and when they become pregnant they suddenly say, “okay, now which city would you like to live in?”. Families grow in a city to start with. The CEOs for Cities post I think summarizes this very well:

It is plainly a lot easier to hang on to the young adults who live in your city rather than recruiting them from other places. That’s why cities should pay particular attention to young singles when they are at their most mobile and also build on their family friendliness as a way of retaining these talented and energetic people.

Young families themselves are the ones that drive a “family-friendly” atmosphere in a city, not the other way around.

So is Calgary a family-friendly city? I suppose the question goes back to the beginning: are we a young adult friendly city? Judging by the large number of university and college grads choosing to make Calgary their home so they can make their “millions”, I’m guessing it won’t very long before Calgary sees itself become an even more family friendly city. Perhaps a couple of years plus nine months?