Blogging about blogging (such introspection!)

By DJ Kelly December 20, 2007

In case you haven’t heard yet: the Canadian Blog Awards finally have a new home and will be presented this year after all.

I’m not suggesting you should vote for me – far from it. I’m not even sure what category this blog would be nominatable in. Best New Blog? Best Non-Partisan Blog? Maybe, Best Local Blog? Best made up word for the term “nominatable”? Either way, my goal is to provide even more/better quality on this blog and to be more like past recipients in the Best Religious Blog category.

I did want to draw your attention to a friend’s blog that I nominated: Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob – who today informs us the People’s Choice Awards have been cancelled because of the Writers’ Guild strike. (Who knew we, the people, couldn’t be forced to choose when there were no writers in Hollywood? And what’s left, when we no longer have the power to choose? Chaos. And possibly the Blockbuster Awards. Although I think those were cancelled in 2002. They probably weren’t cancelled because of a writers strike; its more likely they were cancelled because of suckiness. Or pointlessness.) I nominated Mike’s blog in the Best Entertainment Blog and Best Humour Blog categories. If he makes the long list be sure to go vote for him!