Harper: Dalia Lama is "not a call girl". K, thanks, Steve.

By DJ Kelly December 24, 2007

Seems how it is Christmas eve I wanted to give all of you left-leaning readers out there a little gift. Stephen Harper usually comes across as a a very smart man and yet many equate his politics to being up the same alley as George Bush, a man who – how shall we say this politely? – often does not come across as a very smart man. How’s that for ironic?

Well, just this past week, in one of his many year-end television interviews (specifically the one with OMNI Television), Harper misspoke in a manner usually reserved for his colleague to the south. Here it is in all its glory; to the best of my recollection Stephen Harper’s first Bushism:

“I met the Dalai Lama in my office but I meet everyone in my office. I don’t know why I would sneak off to a hotel room just to meet the Dalai Lama. You know, he’s not a call girl. As I say, he’s a respected international spiritual leader.”

You don’t say, Steve? I was unaware of the fact that the Dalia Lama is not a prostitute. I guess you learn something new every day. BTW, Stephen, do you normally reserve sneaking off to hotel rooms to only your meetings with call girls?