I always thought Chandler was the biggest whiner of the Friends, didn’t you?

By DJ Kelly December 4, 2007

It looks like Craig Chandler has resigned his Alberta PC membership and is suing the party just days ago he wanted to represent in the next election.

Maybe it’s just me, but this smacks of arrogance. It strikes me that if you can turn your back that quickly on the party you wanted to fly the flag of, you didn’t really believe in them or want to represent them in the first place. You just wanted to have power – to be an MLA (if you seriously can consider being an MLA “power”).

I have a problem with all this though: I’m not sure exactly what he is suing for. It is written into the constitution of the Alberta PC Party that the executive have the right to overturn a riding associations’ proposed candidate if it is “not in the best interests of the party” (pages 17-21). They followed their by-laws (whether you agree with them or not). Chandler signed onto a system that didn’t go his way and now he is crying to the party, the media, the courts, whomever will listen. But no one cares. The rules were followed.

As I said in a previous post: a candidate selection process is not part of the ‘democratic system of Alberta’. It is an internal party matter and has nothing to do with elections, government or democracy. So, please leave democracy out of it.

But here’s what I really think is going on: I don’t think the Alberta PC executive decided to reject Chandler as a candidate because of his rants about the ‘wicked homosexual agenda’, or telling non-conservative emigrants to leave, etc. I think they gave him the boot because of his comments about not being willing to tow the party line or be accountable. He practically throws that fact in the fact of Stelmach and the Party executive. Heck, I’d even say that was the main issue his campaign was running on based on the video that automatically runs when you visit his website.

When you put it altogether it’s just politics, and the Alberta PCs made the right move and for all the right reasons. The only issue is they should have done it earlier to avoid all of this. Hindsight is 20/20. Either way, there is no reason the Alberta PCs should pay up.