Oh, Herald… hallelujah the RSS works again at last

By DJ Kelly December 5, 2007

As you have probably seen me post about before here, here and here I have a love/hate relationship with the Calgary Herald’s presence in the online universe. The latest issue of which was the fact their new Top Stories RSS feed crashed after only a week or so, and they haven’t bothered to fix since. So I took matters into my own hands today and emailed the Herald.

Well if you don’t know, it is finally fixed!

They’re not sure why it wasn’t working, but its working now. (I know others who had the same issue with their RSS so I’m not just a techno-moron who couldn’t figure it out! So stop thinking that!)

But here’s some other exciting news about the Herald and the Internets: in a subsequent email I got from Andrew MacDonald, Assistant News Editor – Digital (fancy title), he let me in on a little known fact: the Herald just launched a Facebook app! Hot damn. Now that’s progress. Maybe this is the start of the Herald actually building a decent presence online. A presence that can actually fill the void that is Alberta online news. (It’s such a large void!)

I’ll install app tomorrow and after testing it out I’ll give you all a review. (Fingers crossed for a good Herald online experience. Come on Herald, you can do it! I know you have it in you.)