See Canada? Alberta’s not a bunch of rednecks! (Oh, except that guy…)

By DJ Kelly December 2, 2007

So it looks like on Saturday the Alberta PC Party decided it would be a bad idea to let Craig Chandler run in the upcoming election.

I don’t want to get into regurgitating the whole story so I’ll let FFWD do it here instead. (The article is complete with the prerequisite offending Chandler quotes to keep your scandalous needs satisfied.)

I can’t say that I blame the Stelmach crew for ditching him. Like others have said if: if he was allowed to run he would become a lighting rod used by Alberta Liberals and Alberta NDP throughout the next election to drum up support to oust the Tories. But the interesting thing I see in this thinking is that it makes the assumption that the majority of Alberta PC voters are not “big-C”, traditional, social, over-the-top-type conservatives. Have we finally reached that critical mass in Alberta? Is the stereotype waning, or (heaven forbid!) not true? Perhaps this even means that the Liberals actually do have an outside shot at winning the election after all.

I’m not convinced however. I think it actually just means the vast majority of Albertans are not bigots or homophobic. Sorry Rest of Canada, but it looks like you really will have to give up that stereotype now. And at least this means there is some good news coming out of the Craig Chandler conundrum after all.

One final thought on the Chandler situation: Chandler and Calgary-Egmont PC riding association president, David Crutcher (who himself was just recently dumped by the association), have been quoted often this past week as saying they hope Stelmach would do the right thing and they’ll “see if democracy triumphs”. I don’t buy into this. A nomination is not ‘a democracy’. It is inner-party policy. And when that party policy also says the party can hand pick a candidate and skip the nomination process, that is not ‘democracy’. (The democracy part is the election.) However the PCs may need to explain why they allowed Chandler to run, get elected as their rep, and then change their mind. This sure seems like politics masquerading as a democracy. You can’t have it both ways.