What would Jesus do… if he was given a magic golden compass?

By DJ Kelly December 5, 2007

Seriously Calgary Catholic School Board? You are really banning The Golden Compass? That seems like a very bold and sudden move. Obviously I – and many others – have so many questions about such a drastic measure.

The first is: why now? You obviously decided at one point that the book was appropriate for children attending your schools because it has been available on the shelf for many years. Why the change of heart? Are you giving into media hype saying the author might be an atheist? Is the fact the author is an atheist the issue or is it the content of the book? I can’t see how the author’s religion would be an issue in pulling a book.

My second question I have is: why is a ban the default position? There have been complaints and a review is under way – fair enough, this sounds like a good idea. But why then ban the book until the review is completed? I thought the standard in western democracy was more of an ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

I want to make it clear that I have no issue with the book being banned if after a review it is deemed to be “anti-Christian” (this is a Catholic school system after all and they have the right to avoid materials believed to be against their beliefs). Regardless there sure seem to be a lot of upset people though.

I wonder how many of them are members of the Catholic school system? And those that are, I wonder how many of them have read the book?

Me? I always preferred to watch the movie and do my book report on that. (I wasn’t the best kid. And I thought I was crafty!) As a marketer you couldn’t ask for a better situation that having all this hype surrounding your film. I imagine many people are going to do what I’ll be doing: going and see the movie and make up my own mind if it is anti-Christian.

It opens Friday.