A lawyer mountain out of a domain name mole hill

By DJ Kelly January 9, 2008

This is just so darn silly I can’t believe it is actually happening.

Let’s say for a second you made a mistake. A mistake that you know was a mistake. A mistake someone picked up on; a mistake that they could exploit to hurt your reputation. They’re not doing that yet but you don’t really trust them not to. They don’t really like you – you’re not BFF – but they are not a hater or anything like that. As a matter of fact you don’t really know them. You’ve just heard of them.

Now what would you say if there were an opportunity for you fix things by admitting to your mistake and asking politely if this other person would help you correct it.

Would you do it?

Or would you do what Ed Stelmach did and skip asking politely and instead ask your lawyers to go ahead and sue the debt ridden 24-year old student who noticed your mistake first?

Whether you think that “Daveberta” registering on a whim and pointing it to his personal blog (and later the Wikipedia article on Harry Strom) was right or wrong (the latter I think is frickin’ hi-lar-i-ous) I hope we can all agree that Stelmach’s lawyers jumped the gun more than a little fast here.

If you haven’t already heard all about the mountain out of a mole hill you can read the full story on Dave’s blog, on the front page of the Herald, or on CBC. You can read a full PDF version of the letter from Stelmach’s lawyers here. BTW, I understand the lawyer who sent the letter – Tyler S. Shando – is on the executive of the Alberta PC party. (I’m not sure if that means anything though.)

Something tells me this is going to hurt Stelmach as much, if not more, than Dave Cournoyer.

As I always said when I stage managed theatre: people rarely notice your first mistake; they almost always notice your second – trying to fix it and save face. You’re almost always better to just let things go and not make any more mistakes.