China Airlines you have not broken my will yet! But Stelmach has broken Hung Pham’s

By DJ Kelly January 29, 2008

Well here we are, however many god-forsaken China Airlines survived hours later, in Taipei. (BTW, I’m pretty sure I know what Canada’s contribution to China’s development was: they gave the old Air Canada planes to China Air.) Yeah, it wasn’t the most fun 12 hours I’ve ever spent. Especially when the flight started off sitting on the Vancouver tarmac for an hour waiting for them to de-ice the plane.

So far in Taiwan the only difference I can see is that their airport’s computers are all in Chinese (I hope I remember what buttons to click in Blogger to actually make this post). But on the bright side they are free which they weren’t in Vancouver. [On that, note if anyone needs internet access and they happen to be at the international terminal in Vancouver airport I’ve got 35 minutes of time saved on the internet kiosk by Gate 54. Drop me a line, I’d be happy to provide you my login.]

So, there isn’t much to report on the cultural front yet. An airport is an airport is an airport I guess. The Amazing Race should’ve taught me that. But we still have one flight more to go and then we can begin the real fun part of the trip: exploring. We’ll be in Kaohsuing in a little over two hours from now. Where I look forward to having a shower.

Until then, remember what they say on China Airlines, “Sir, please sit down.” I might have lost something in the translation, but they said it enough times to so many different people it must have more cultural meaning than I have found as of yet.

I hear the rumour from Pierre Trudeau Is My Homeboy that the Alberta election may be called tomorrow (today? what time zone am I in anyway?). This would be a little surpising as they would be jumping the gun. Not that I think it really matters. The Alberta Liberals and NDP are probably as ready as they’ll ever be and I know the Alberta PC Party is ready. (Although the Calgary-Montrose debacle could not have been handled worse after Ed Stelmach’s comments last week about selecting a candidate if he has to and it might not be Hung Pham. Pham blasted back earlier today announcing he will not run.) If the election is called while I’m away, I’ll try my best to stay updated before I get back when I’ll provide you with my two cents on each Calgary riding. Election! Whoo!