Kidz fun with… license plates?!

By DJ Kelly January 7, 2008

Hey kids want to have a blast online! The Alberta Government knows you love that internets thingy! So click here to play Ed Stelmach’s newest online game/internet sensation for the kiddies: the Alberta License Plate Scramble!

Does our government know how to speak to the latest generation or what? Certainly I could not think of a more fun topic for a kids game than license plates. Woo-hoo! (Children everywhere will be returning their Rockband Christmas presents at a dizzying pace, no doubt.)


If you adults want to get in on the fun too you can take the Alberta Government’s license plate survey where you can pick colours for the new plates, select background graphics, suggest promotional slogans, and waste tax payer dollars one question at a time.

If you really want to get passionate about the process you can always join this Facebook group as well.