Times, they are a-changing

By DJ Kelly January 13, 2008

How long do you have to blog for before you can/will consider yourself a blogger? I’m not sure, but over the holidays I put on my marketing cap, got a little bit introspective on myself, did a bit of thinking about what this blog is really about.

As you can see from the description over there on the right hand bar (for viewers reading this at and not in a reader) when I started blogging a couple months back I knew what I was interested in but not necessarily what I was going to write about. Well it looks like politics is in the lead if it were a race – that probably won’t change but I’ll certainly try to beef up the other areas in the next couple months. But the real question I pondered was: what does everything I’ve written about have in common?

I think it is the last line in that blurb about “It’s all from my point of view in Calgary though. That much I know.” I think it has been and know it will continue to be.

So I’ve decided to renew that commitment by flexing my creative muscle (which like the ones in my arms need a trip to the gym badly) and add an image to the banner at the top of this blog. What’d you think? If you’re viewing this in a reader you’ll have to come to to see it. Obviously.

The image comes from the Calgary Urban Initiative and is a rendering of what the Calgary downtown will look like from Crescent Heights in 2011. Although with project delays and construction cost increases the image will probably be more truthful in about 2013 or so…

The original image came from the Calgary Downtown Association and was altered by Devin Henry. You can find the CUI blog post with this image here, and another version from Stampede Park in this post here.

I like the image because it reminds me Calgary is changing and everyone had best hold on for the ride over the next few years.

But if the new banner up there or the City’s newly released 10 year plan don’t convince you of that, perhaps the recent news that every classroom in Calgary is now wireless will. That is real change that you will be able to see; change that will clearly benefit Calgary’s future.

  • kelso

    very pretty!

  • kelso

    very pretty!