Almost home

By DJ Kelly February 10, 2008

As you can obviously tell, my internet access has been relatively non-existent so far on this trip – and rarely in English – but I’m almost home where I’ll be able to rant on all the things I learned during this trip, all the things that I’ve seen that Calgary could easily adopt to make our own lives better, and of course that little thing called the provincial election.

On the note of which, Premier Stelmach, you knew how much I was anticipating the upcoming election (okay, may be you didn’t) and you couldn’t wait until I got back into the country before calling one? Negative two points for you. Instead I’m entertaining myself with the wonderfully absurd world of Taiwan politics.

[BTW, maybe I should start keeping track of points won and lost by our politicians. I’ve often wished there was some formula that indicates you are doing good in your job other than a ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ from more constituency members that the other guys every four years or so. Certainly I’ve never had that kind of lack of scrutiny in any job I’ve ever had. Hmm… I’ll get working on that.]

Until then, I’ll say hello to Taipei and Kaohsuing for you all and see you in a couple days when I’m back in my beloved home and native land.