Ed Stelmach is a paper bag

By DJ Kelly February 24, 2008

When I was in University a friend of mine was directing a short play and had his lead actor bail on him at the last second. He thought about what to do. He couldn’t find anyone to fill the role on such short notice (and with such a shortage of actors available to do the job). He thought it was a fairly easy role even though it was a lead. After mulling it over for a night he came up with a courageous solution to his dilemma. His solution: he replaced the lead actor with a paper bag.

It certainly was a bold choice. And a very interesting play on the turn of phrase “he couldn’t emote his way out of a paper bag.”

And you know what? The play went off as planned. And while some thought it was strange the male lead was played by a paper bag (with a stage manager reading in his lines from offstage, if I recall correctly) they got past it and thought the play was very good. The viewing public overcame the fact they were being lead on a wondrous personal journey by a paper bag.

Ed Stelmach is a paper bag.

There’s little emotion other than what we project onto him/read into him. He obviously struggles with his lines. But he is the leader of the PC Party and thus will continue to be Premier.

Unless someone points out the lead in this play is being played by a paper bag and the viewing public decide they don’t want that to be their lead actor.

(Love you Ed! Your performance in the debate was great. You made some very interesting choices and you should be very proud. Very well done! (Those in the theatre community know what I mean.))