Tasty Calgary

By DJ Kelly March 23, 2008

This month Calgary’s Avenue Magazine lists their top 25 things to eat in Calgary. (They also offer up their 5th annual food awards, so check it out if you are looking to try out a new restaurant in Calgary – or in the case of every John Gilchrist pick: Canmore.)

Going through the list of the top 25 things to eat in Calgary I was surprised how many of them I actually already consume. And love! Here’s my top list of their top 25:

#6. Spolumbo’s Chicken and Apple Sausage – Sure they are better known for their other sausage’s but this one has been my favourite since I discovered Spolumbo’s for the first time. It is fantastic on the bbq and served with a little Worchester Sauce. It’s so damn good I had it for dinner last night.

#8. Bagels at the Daily Bagel – I eat way too many bagels. You’d think I was Jewish and lived in Montreal if you knew how many bagels I eat. It can’t be good for me. While these aren’t my favourite bagels in town I always make a point, when I’m at the Calgary Farmer’s Market, of stopping and having a ham and swiss on sesame seed bagel at the Daily Bagel. So good.

#14. Callebaut chocolate cherries – I’m a chocolate snob. I love good chocolate and despise the cheap stuff. (Sure I’m eating those Allan chocolate eggs this weekend but it’s Easter and it’s tradition.) You can keep the cherries but give me Bernard Callebaut’s pure chocolate creations any day. Milk or dark, I don’t care. Oh, and caramel is good too. And the odd truffle. Damn, I think I might have an addiction here…

#19. Crave Cupcakes – ‘Nuff said. Who doesn’t well up with tears of joy just thinking about these things. I’ve actually seen complete strangers come together in conversation over how much they love Crave’s cupcakes. Did you know they sell cookies too? That’s what the sign says but the cupcakes are so damn moist that even if you showed up planning only to buy cookies I bet you go home with a half dozen Crave-o-licious instead.

There are some other fantastic things on Avenue’s list too (the full list can be found online here). So I suggest you print off a copy and get out exploring this week. I plan on trying out The Palomino’s smoky ribs and cheese grits, Urban Baker apple flax rosemary bread, and the baguette from Manuel Latruwe Belgian Patisserie & Bread Shop ASAP.

And then maybe the other 18 things…