Extra security to catch you cheating on your exam?

By DJ Kelly April 21, 2008

Does anything suck more than studying for an exam for two weeks only to arrive to find out it has been rescheduled? Being shot would suck more, I guess. Good call by University of Calgary security today.

Early Sunday morning there was a drive-by shooting at the residential home of a University of Calgary student. Several shots were fired but there were no injuries. The information provided to the University today suggested that the perpetrator or perpetrators had threatened to come to campus looking for the student. As a precaution, the University requested that City Police attend campus. Campus Security was also increased. Two exams were postponed and will be rescheduled.

The University of Calgary takes all threats to students, faculty and staff seriously. The campus community is advised to take normal precautions and advise Campus Security if they see any unusual activity or have any concerns at 220-5333.

After having two Rob Anders posts in a row drama wins over comedy.