Here is what is going to happen now 2

By DJ Kelly December 4, 2008

My first prediction has come true and now we’ll have to see if the second one does too.

It is fair to predict the only way the Prime Minister will survive an eventual confidence motion in January on the budget is if it includes the significant stimulus package the Coalition has requested/proposed.

What appeasement will the Prime Minister accomplish in a month an a half that he could not have accomplished put putting his nose to the grindstone now and worked out before Monday?

He didn’t even try. He asked to prorogue Parliament today (Thursday) instead of getting his hands dirty and working his ass off trying to reach a deal until Sunday – when, if he couldn’t reach an agreement with opposition parties, he could have gone down this same road and asked to prorogue the House.

Regardless of who you or I voted for in the last election this just looks like pure laziness on behalf of the Prime Minister.