Can a hollow throne support our weight?

By DJ Kelly January 26, 2009

My quick impression of the throne speech (the text of which can be found here):

I agree whole heartedly with the words used. I, nay, we want politicians and the community to work together, not just to solve this “struggling economy”, but also in general. We elect a group to represent us and solve these kinds of issues.

But there is something hollow about the language used. The speech presents the idea of working together as if it is a new thing – a tool that has not been available to us in the past months or years. Has this not been an option previously? Has it not been a potential solution to “uncertainty” all this time? Why was this tool not used before?

It gets me thinking about the stereotypical Stephen Harper left-leaning politicians and comedians alike love to put forward and abuse – the secretive Harper that holds few press conferences and ‘muzzles’ his MPs. Doesn’t the language in the throne speech fly in the face of what has come before? Who is this speech aimed at? The writer? It all just seems… false, somehow.

Whether you agree or disagree with the Coalition between the Liberals and the NDP, with the support of the Bloq, it is hard to argue this is the kind of cooperation the throne speech calls for.

“Our Government approached the dialogue in a spirit of open and non-partisan cooperation.” Why the change of heart from the government? Time will tell if this is really the dawn of a new era in Parliament, or just another political empty promise that we’ve become so used to over 142 years.

A simple marketing tip: you can’t just say you are some thing, that won’t fool anyone. To get your customers to believe you, you have to actually be that. Do this and you’ll save a lot of heartache and money in the long run.