Okay, everybody look like you’re working for the camera!

By DJ Kelly January 28, 2009

When I saw this image flash across my screen last night while watching CBC’s The National (had to hear what the At Issue panel had to say) I damn near laughed myself off the couch.

Forget about the budget for a second, why the need for this lame-o photo op? Did someone in the Conservative communications nerve centre actually think this would be viewed in any manner other than as crass political posturing? Did they actually think even one single Canadian would believe that after proroguing Parliament for two months the Conservatives in the room did no work what-so-ever until the very morning of the budget announcement, when they suddenly convened in front of the cameras, took off their jackets and finally got to work. (Some Canadians might believe they finally got to work congratulating themselves, but that’s about as far as I can imagine anyone going.)

The image is a laugher because it works SO hard at turning over the big Harper stereotype that he is a lone wolf, muzzling MPs rather than working with them. The thing that really made me chuckle after the initial shock was Peter Mansbridge revealing that before the ministers came in the room the government press people handed out a seating chart saying who each of these people are and where they were sitting!

That’s right. They’ve been in the shadows for so long the press might not even know who they are. (I wonder where that stereotype comes from…)

At least they are out of the shadows now – hopefully to actually get down to work. Rather than just for a photo op that makes them look like they are working.

(photo h/t AGRDT)

PS – Maybe Harper should go play with a football like Stanfield or play street hockey like Dion. Somehow I feel those photo ops gone wrong were almost less embarassing.