Make your voice heard on Calgary City Council gerrymandering

By DJ Kelly May 30, 2009

If you are not pleased with what is going on in regards to the recent gerrymander of wards for the 2010 election, I invite you to join the Civic Camp group at City Council on Monday, June 1st at 9:30am. (This Monday!) Be sure to wear the colour blue…

I’m told Ald. Hawkesworth has a proposal he’ll be putting forward as Urgent Business to send the whole thing back to the Returning Officer. It should be dealt with pretty early on the agenda.

Follow Civic Camp for more info and updates on Twitter @civiccampyyc or through their Google Group.

If you can’t make it you are also welcome to send an email to your Alderman and the Mayor requesting they let the Returning Officer do what they asked her to do in the first place and take themselves out of the process.

Alderman Dale Hodges:
Alderman Gord Lowe:
Alderman Jim Stevenson:
Alderman Bob Hawkesworth:
Alderman Ray Jones:
Alderman Joe Connelly:
Alderman Druh Farrell:
Alderman John Mar:
Alderman Joe Ceci:
Alderman Andre Chabot:
Alderman Brian Pincott:
Alderman Ric McIver:
Alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart:
Alderman Linda Fox-Mellway:
Mayor Dave Bronconnier: