New blog infrastructure

By DJ Kelly July 16, 2009

For those of you who prefer to view this blog live and in its natrual habitat (i.e. via going to you’re going to notice some differences. For those of you that read this blog via RSS I’m hoping you won’t!

Google is making some changes and eliminating it’s Page Creator software – this is a good thing as it was terrible. However I was using it to host and so because the time had come to get rid of that I decided why not just move everything over to WordPress. I use WordPress for a few other projects and I really like it so it seemed natural.

The biggest change is that, and now all go to the same place. Here: I’ll have some cleaning up to do to past blog posts to make internal links work the way they should but for the most part the infrastructure is now in place.

Thank you for your patience as I populate the new site with the required data to make it useful.