Who to vote for in the 2009 Canadian Blog Awards

By DJ Kelly December 2, 2009

I didn’t even know they were accepting nominations yet, but apparently the nominations for the Canadian Blog Awards are out now. And the Blog has been nominated for Best Political Blog! Very cool. Thank you to whomever nominated these ramblings. That was very nice of you.

I suppose the least I could do is go vote for myself after someone so kindly nominated me. I would also be honoured if you are so inclined to do the same. Just click here if you’d like to see us make it into the top 5 for the final ballot.

And while you’re there, I suggest also voting for some other blogosphere citizens I recommend.

Best Political Blog (aside from me)

Daveberta,, Ken Chapman, Calgary Rants

Best Blog Post Series

Daveberta for his work covering (re-covering?) the Danielle Smith years on the Calgary School Board.

Best Science & Technology Blog


Best Humour Blog

Mike’s Bloggity Blog