Alberta’s proposed electoral boundary MAPS!

By DJ Kelly February 25, 2010

Yesterday the Alberta Electoral Boundary Commission released its interim report. You can download a full copy of it here [PDF]. But let’s face it, all you really care about is the maps section. What area do you live in now? What new constituencies have been created?!

Well, me and my mad Photoshop skillz are here to help you out.

Below are three maps I put together to help sort out the changes for you. I’ve layered the current (black) boundaries over top of the proposed new boundaries (red). Feel free to click on each of the images for a better view of the changes.

(Sorry, this one is big so it’s harder to see the changes without getting up close.)



If you are looking for larger copies, I’ve uploaded them to my Flickr account. If you need still larger copies, I have those too. Just email me.