Bronconnier will not run again; so who will?

By DJ Kelly February 23, 2010

So Dave Bronconnier has just announced he will be stepping down from the mayor’s chair and handing over his oversized mayoral necklace (does that thing have an actual name?) come October 2010. He will not be running for re-election.

While it is possible we could spend some time reflecting on our 35th mayor’s tenure – after all he’s been mayor of Calgary since 2001, having been elected three times, and before that was alderman of ward 6 for nine years as well – the real fun lays in what this means for the candidates that have been mulling about the starting line of the mayoral race for the past year or so.

Bronco’s announcement today almost guarentees Joe Connolly and Ric McIver will run for mayor, but who else? Will Alnoor Kassam now return for another kick at the can? Could we see Diane Colley-Urqhart or Druh Farrell step up in the coming months?

Personally, my guess is you’ll see one one Brian Pincott, who is currently ward 11 alderman, or frequent civic commenter Naheed Nenshi step up and take a serious run.

Either way, things just got interesting. Tie on your sneakers, because the race is about to begin.

On your marks, get set, GO!

  • Tyler

    I would love to see Brian Pincott run. Then I could actually enthusiastically cast my vote.

  • Karen Almquist

    Former Chief of Police, Christine Silverberg would make an excellent Civic Major: one the City of Calgary would be very pleased with!

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