Councillor ages: does it mean anything?

By DJ Kelly March 23, 2010

The world has changed a LOT in the last few years. Things are speeding up so fast many of us have difficulty keeping up. Stereotypically the ones complaining about this “speeding up of life” are members of older generations. This isn’t ageist – its just that those under the age of 35 have grown up with a high level of change and haven’t been around long enough to remember any form of  “good old days” when the pace of life was different.

As my grandma once told me: each generation that has passed has experienced more change in their lifetime than the one immediately preceding them. Or you could just ask anyone who has had to ask a toddler to program their latest gadget; they’ll tell you. (My best friend’s daughter who is just two is already better than I am with Skype for example.)

While it has been my experience frame of mind, rather than age, is usually a much better indicator of willingness to work with – rather than against – the new challenges the world may give you, there is sadly no denying it can be a factor. So with that in mind, here is the list of the ages of Calgary City Council incumbents as of voting day 2010. Decide for yourself if their is an age pattern to the ones you agree with, and compare your philosophies with the ones about the same age as you.

Although, there are none under 40 so I can’t really compare myself on that basis. And I’m not sure how many of my blog readers will be able to either. (Perhaps that’s a naive assumption on my part however.) Either way, I still find it interesting to know the demographics of those who represent me and I thought you might too. So here they are:

Dave Bronconnier – 48

Dale Hodges – 69

Gord Lowe – 71

Jim Stevenson – 65

Bob Hawkesworth – 59

Ray Jones – 57

Joe Connelly – (Couldn’t find his age.)

Druh Farrell – 51

John Mar – 41

Joe Ceci – 53

Andre Chabot – 51

Brian Pincott – 49

Ric McIver – 51

Diane Colley-Urquhart – 61

Linda Fox-Mellway – (Couldn’t find her age.)

These ages are based off of numbers I pulled from the introductory articles of candidates in one of our two big newspapers during the 2007 election, so I can’t vouch that they are 100% accurate. Please forgive me if there is a mistake.

And yes, there is something to be said for having life experience too.