Nenshi + Hawkesworth = stronger McIver

By DJ Kelly May 27, 2010

Today Naheed Nenshi has announced he will be running for mayor. On Monday we can expect a similar announcement from Bob Hawkesworth. The big winner from these announcements? Ric McIver.

As recently as yesterday, things were not looking great for Mr. McIver’s chances of becoming Calgary’s next mayor. As each mayoral candidate announced (Joe Connelly, Jon Lord, Craig Burrows) observers could see small parts of McIver’s assumed lead chipping away. Once Kent Hehr announced, enough had been chipped away that we were looking at a very real two way fight between McIver and Hehr.

With Nenshi and Hawkesworth entering the race, it’s fair to assume Mr. Hehr is now the one experiencing the chipping away of potential voters from his target group. It’s my guess that when it all plays out, enough will have been chipped away to return Mr. McIver to a healthy leading position once again.

What are your thoughts?

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  • The First Past the Post system means everybody needs to second guess each other to try to make their vote matter. Being able to rank your top five candidates would make people's votes reflect their tastes, and if their top pick was at the bottom of the pile, recount the votes with their second pick. Civic elections shouldn't be a massively multiplayer guessing game about who everyone else is going to vote for. Make the votes matter.