Your personal Reboot Alberta 3.0 invitation

By DJ Kelly September 28, 2010

I’ve been pretty busy working on election type stuff for the past few weeks – not for any candidates however – and so I haven’t had much of a chance to write on anything else. But I wanted to share some info with everyone about Reboot Alberta 3.

I’m happy to have been invited to help organize the upcoming event and I hope many of you that have found a new level of engagement in the October 18 Alberta-wide municipal elections will consider attending too.

What a great way to stay involved.

Below is a personal invitation to all of you regardless of your political leaning or potential party affiliation. Even if you’re a staunce moderate like me, I’m confident you’ll find the format and discussion useful.

An Open Invitation to Join Other Progressive-Minded Albertan at RebootAlberta 3.0, November 5-6, 2010 in Edmonton

Times have changed since the Alberta Advantage became the governing philosophy of the province.  The attack on debt and deficits with a continuous lowering of taxes and downsizing of government was of another time.  The new Alberta focus includes the integration of oil sands challenges and opportunities for our economy, environment and society.   It includes a more active, informed and engaged citizens asking more questions and insisting on better answers.

What does responsible oil sands development look like?  What must Alberta do to be sustainable in an uncertain world?  Can we create an Alberta culture of adaptability, creativity and innovation?  How can we protect and enhance our environment as we prosper from our natural resources? We have enormous natural resources and talented human resources but are we coasting and resting on our laurels?  What are we leaving as our legacy to future generations of Albertans?

Alberta has the wealth to be one of the best places in the world.  With all our blessings and potential we can aspire higher and strive to be the best place for the world. This will only happen if we can invest in our future by harnessing our resources, strengthening democracy and reviving servant leadership and re-engaging as citizens.

New research shows that 63% of everyday Albertans share the same progressive values as Reboot Albertans.  There are enough of us to be a positive force for progressive change in our province.  We can have significant influence over the direction of our province now and in the next election.  But we must chose to get informed, intentional and active about reaching out, speaking out and making a difference. Progressive Albertans we can define design and deliver on a new Alberta Aspiration to be the best place for the world but first we have to commit to making a difference.

If you desire an Alberta that is progressive, moderate, prosperous and inclusive, you need to be at RebootAlberta3.0 November 5th and 6th in Edmonton.  You will meet a growing community of concerned Albertans who believe the change we want starts with each of us re-engaging in our citizenship roles. You can start now by connecting with other progressive-minded Albertans and join in the movement  Or go to Facebook and join the Reboot Alberta group and find us Twitter with the hashtag #rebootab.

To register for Reboot3.0 visit, For more information contact