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Help ensure Calgary’s “Open City” initiative is framed in the right light

by DJ Kelly July 21, 2009

If you know what “open data” means it is time for you to weigh in on what you think of Calgary’s “open government” initiative heading to council next week. This is important because I imagine very shortly the ‘nay-sayers’ will automatically trot out their ill-informed opinions on privacy and security concerns to the media. Which, […]

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University of Calgary cutting 200 jobs

by DJ Kelly July 14, 2009

I tweeted about this and lots of people were asking for the full text of the mail sent to all UofC staff letting them know they were going to be reducing the workforce by 200 people. I know it is not politics, arts or marketing related but I figured my blog was the best way […]

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Plan It and Think! Alberta

by DJ Kelly July 6, 2009

A couple weeks ago I was asked by Rachel Singh, web editor at Alberta Venture, to do a guest post on their Think! Alberta blog. I happily jumped at the chance. My posts (it was too large for one post and so was broken into two halves) was written before the Plan It public hearing […]

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An arts conversation with Canadian Taxpayer Federations’ Scott Hennig

by DJ Kelly June 26, 2009

On Tuesday afternoon a Calgary City Council committee approved a bylaw amendment to help offset the costs of city services to festivals. Obviously Scott Hennig of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation didn’t agree with this kind of precedent and he made a comment about it on Twitter. As an arts advocate who believes the small subsidy […]

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Doug Elniski: how to do it right

by DJ Kelly June 24, 2009

My blog post from yesterday about MLA Doug Elniski’s comments about women and equality made on his blog, and about participants at the Pride Parade made via Twitter quickly became the most viewed post in this blogs history. (Practically doubling from the previous high!) That post was particularly popular with Government of Alberta officials – […]

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