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What the heck is CivicCamp?

by DJ Kelly October 15, 2013

Who’s behind these pencils? Where do pencils get their funding from? Pencils are nothing but a left-wing propaganda machine. One pencil wrote in cursive once so all pencils obviously can only be used the same way! I’m sorry, but I can’t help but play this game whenever I hear some folks talk about CivicCamp in […]

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#abvote Predictions

by DJ Kelly April 23, 2012

What’s an election without a couple of predictions? And to avoid any of that “I said that would happen!”/”No you didn’t!” stuff I thought I’d write down a few of mine. (And instead revel in the multiple “Boy, was that guy way off!” that will no doubt come my way.) So here are my thoughts as […]

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CBC Radio column: Time to change Elections Canada’s arcane rules

by DJ Kelly May 4, 2011

In this alberta@noon column on CBC Radio One with host Donna McElligott I talk about Elections Canada’s ban on reporting the results of a federal election in a time zone where the polls have not closed yet. Topics include the $25,000 fine, the difference between media and people using social media, #tweettheresults becoming the most used […]

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Metro column: Social media are game changers

by DJ Kelly February 18, 2011

There’s a movement afoot and it is going to affect the makeup of the Alberta legislature moving forward. Each of the three provincial parties without a leader now officially has someone running for the position. That in and of itself isn’t news, but what is of note is how they have each announced and how […]

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Metro column: Focusing on the individual, not the party

by DJ Kelly February 11, 2011

I’m not a big fan of party politics. I could care less which party is in charge. I care more about who the people in government are and what kinds of decisions they make. [Note: This last sentence was cut from the printed version, but I thought it was important so I added it back […]

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