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Connelly: let’s do the Plan It process over. And this time have no goals.

by DJ Kelly July 10, 2009

Talk about jumping the gun! Alderman Joe Connelly has decided, despite the fact calls for a Developer Panel to discuss Plan It targets are already outlined in the omnibus list of 76 (or so) amendments to Plan It sent to administration two weeks ago, that what they need is a Developer Panel. And he’s making […]

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The mysterious Plan It amendments

by DJ Kelly July 7, 2009

There was a great amount of mystery following the Calgary City Council’s public hearing on Plan It (the Calgary Transportation Plan and the Municipal Development Plan). Mainly the mystery was regarding the “omnibus motion” of 76 (or so) amendments suggested by the alderman and referred back to administration. I still don’t know what they all […]

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Plan It and Think! Alberta

by DJ Kelly July 6, 2009

A couple weeks ago I was asked by Rachel Singh, web editor at Alberta Venture, to do a guest post on their Think! Alberta blog. I happily jumped at the chance. My posts (it was too large for one post and so was broken into two halves) was written before the Plan It public hearing […]

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My comments to City Council on the future of Calgary

by DJ Kelly June 25, 2009

For those that follow my Twitter feed and my blog you know I have have had an entirely split focus for the past couple of days. My blog has dealt exclusively with the Doug Elniski issue while on Twitter I have posted dozens of tweets over the same time regarding the City of Calgary’s PlanIT […]

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From the high ideals of 1993 to the gerrymander of 2009

by DJ Kelly May 30, 2009

Below is some interesting information to help frame the discussion around whether Ald. Chabot’s council approved map is a good solution and if a proper process was followed. Policy Title: Ward Boundary Determination and Review Policy Number: CC017 Approved by: Council Effective Date: 1993 May 03 The criteria used by the Returning Officer for reporting […]

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