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Metro column: Ask not what politics can do for you…

by DJ Kelly September 17, 2010

There’s a certain level of narcissism needed to enter politics. To stand up in front of all of us and say, “I know what is best for you” —  well, that takes a lot of confidence. Yet every politician — or wannabe politician — will tell you they take that stand for no reason other […]

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Metro column: Digging down to the core of the tunnel issue

by DJ Kelly September 10, 2010

Much of the mayoral campaign so far has been about wanting — or not wanting — to dig a big hole. The proposed — and as yet unfunded — Airport Trail tunnel is touted as an alternate access to the Calgary International Airport after Barlow Trail closes from McKnight Boulevard to Airport Trail in 2012 […]

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Metro column: Writing’s on the (facebook) wall

by DJ Kelly September 3, 2010

We now stand at 17 mayoral candidates. Obviously only one of them will be our next mayor. Several of them probably represent your view of what you’d like Calgary to be. But how do you decide who has a serious chance at winning – and should get your vote – and to which candidate would […]

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Metro column: Sun setting on face-to-face time

by DJ Kelly August 27, 2010

How many of the 2010 mayoral candidates have you met so far? You’re in the majority if you said none. Rest assured, candidates are trying their best to fix that. At least, a few are. With the summer festival season ending this weekend, the biggest opportunity for candidates to meet you is officially ending, too. […]

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Metro column: Broaden your voting horizons

by DJ Kelly August 20, 2010

Are you sick of hearing about Ric McIver and Barb Higgins yet? This week, I did a few media interviews on the candidates’ use of social media. Following one interview, the cameraman wanted to get images of the different websites they were using. I started by showing him some of the sites that I thought […]

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