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City of Calgary Election iPhone App Review

by DJ Kelly October 6, 2010

I’ve been having a bit of “back and forth” via email with the City of Calgary’s Deputy City Clerk and Returning Officer for the past couple months. On July 29 I originally asked her about the possibility of creating a “where to vote” widget, similar to what the City has (or at that point, would have) on […]

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CBC Radio column: High-tech organizers

by DJ Kelly August 24, 2010

In this alberta@noon column on CBC Radio One with guest host Kirk Heuser I talk about high tech ways to organize our lives that provide options that the old pen and paper list doesn’t. Tools talked about include Microsoft Project, 37signals’ Basecamp, Gmail’s Tasks function, and Don’t Forget the Milk. albertaatnoon August 24 2010 Original: […]

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18 to 34 Year Olds, Social Media and the Calgary Election

by DJ Kelly August 17, 2010

In today’s issue of Metro Calgary I was quoted for an article about Calgary municipal election candidates’ use of social media. The questions asked of me were simple enough: who’s doing it well, etc. However there was a second interviewee for the same article. Bruce Foster, identified as chair of the department of policy studies […]

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CBC Radio column: Rough Landing

by DJ Kelly August 10, 2010

In this alberta@noon column on CBC Radio One with host Donna McElligott I talk about Steven Slater’s JetBlue outburst following an encounter with a rude customer and the online fallout, including how quickly news spread, the reactions, and how the media used social media such as Myspace, Facebook and LinkedIn in their reporting. albertaatnoon August […]

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Metro column: No more excuses for being uninformed

by DJ Kelly August 6, 2010

Starting today, I’ll be writing a weekly column aimed at giving you more of the story-behind-the-story around the issues and the candidates. I hope you’ll read this section each Friday as I try to break down more barriers to voter participation. Goal: Engage Calgary voters. In 1998 voter turnout for the Calgary municipal election was […]

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