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Doug Elniski: now just another walled off politician?

by DJ Kelly June 23, 2009

Did MLA Doug Elniski do something dumb? Yes. Was posting his thoughts online the mistake? No. This is what makes social media such a powerful tool when it comes to politics: you get a chance to see inside the mind of our leaders and what makes them tick. And as you can imagine, when you […]

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Bill 44: the great and the befuddled

by DJ Kelly May 21, 2009

Let me first start of by saying I, for one, am glad Bill 44 has been tabled in the Alberta Legislature. I find it beyond embarrassing that it has taken my province so long to enshrine the equal rights of homosexuals in our Human Rights Act. I hope most everyone reading this can agree that […]

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An open letter to Ed Stelmach, re: please give me a job

by DJ Kelly March 13, 2008

Dear Mr. Stelmach: I wanted to thank you for emulating Premier Lougheed. No, no, not for arguing with “Ottawa” over our energy plans, but for creating a ministry of Culture. It is absolutely great news to see something like this: not only a cultural policy but a department to implement it. Oddly groundbreaking, actually. If […]

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Kidz fun with… license plates?!

by DJ Kelly January 7, 2008

Hey kids want to have a blast online! The Alberta Government knows you love that internets thingy! So click here to play Ed Stelmach’s newest online game/internet sensation for the kiddies: the Alberta License Plate Scramble! Does our government know how to speak to the latest generation or what? Certainly I could not think of […]

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