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Tuesday, September 11, 2001

by DJ Kelly September 11, 2011

Every day has a story. But not every day has a story that changes so much in your life. For ten years I haven’t told my story because it’s not special or unique compared to anyone else’s, especially on that day. But I now realize that it’s an important story not compared to anyone else’s […]

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Beneath it all there is a fire just waiting for fuel

by DJ Kelly October 22, 2009

On this blog I usually talk a lot about things that are happening in the world and how I feel about them. I don’t often talk about what I’m thinking about independent of the news of the day. But several things I’ve been undertaking have coalesced recently into one moment that I wanted to share, […]

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Another arts casualty? This isn’t looking good.

by DJ Kelly January 27, 2009

Also available on the Calgary Herald’s Q. What a crazy week it has been in Calgary’s arts community. Upheaval galore! First Jeffrey Spalding unceremoniously left the Glenbow and was quickly – and permanently – replaced by former Vice-President, Access, Collections and Exhibits, Kirstin Evenden as President and CEO after only 13 months. Then came the […]

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Vanessa Porteous, ATP Artistic Director Designate

by DJ Kelly January 14, 2009

A big – HUGE – congratulations to Vanessa Porteous on being named the new artistic director of Alberta Theatre Projects. Just their fourth in almost 40 years of history. I couldn’t be happier. Vanessa is a fantastic woman and the absolute best person I could possibly think of for the job. Aside from her skills […]

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