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New Ward Boundaries Demystified

by DJ Kelly February 21, 2009

The winds of change are blowing at Calgary City Council. (I’m sure you already knew that.) As I stated in the preamble to my previous post about the lack of representation of Calgarians on our city council – as compared to other Canadian cities – Council is redrawing the ward maps in the gear up […]

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Lack of representation on Calgary City Council and the New Wards

by DJ Kelly February 20, 2009

Yes, it is true – despite much protesting from Alderman Andre Chabot – the City of Calgary has decided to change it’s Ward maps for 2010. This was done, from what I understand, to create a more balanced work-load among alderman, as some Wards have grown larger than others in recent years. Personally, I really […]

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Did Bronco suddenly go insane while I was tying my shoes?

by DJ Kelly November 7, 2007

I guess I blinked or something because $1.3 billion was just spent by the City of Calgary in one day. And at the very first council meeting! And with four alderman who have only had their jobs for three weeks! Well, it seems that while I was in the bathroom Bronconnier quickly fulfilled the lion’s […]

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