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A final issue to push you to the polls?

by DJ Kelly March 3, 2008

As you no doubt know, today is election day in Alberta. So if there is one thing you plan on doing today it should be getting out to your local polling place and marking an X next to the candidate/party of your choice. You can find your polling place by visiting www.elections.ab.ca. Have you made […]

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A political pat on the back from the arts community

by DJ Kelly February 21, 2008

I’d like to take a moment to actually pat a politician on the back. I don’t do this very often so please savour the moment… ah… yes… Yesterday Calgary City Council made a very smart move – a move that looks to the future instead of just fixing the here and now. Calgary Arts Development […]

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A culture of policy announcements: 30% is a good step

by DJ Kelly January 26, 2008

This morning the provincial government unveiled their much anticipated (at least it was anticipated a year and a half ago) cultural policy. (You can read it here.) I was extremely impressed with the number of people that showed up to the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Turnout was such that there were not enough chairs and […]

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Calgary’s 2008: the year of dreaming BIG

by DJ Kelly January 2, 2008

Hello all! I’ve been rather silent over the holidays so apologies in advance for the Ken Chapman-sized post… Now that the New Year has arrived it is time for all of us to get back to work. And I think it is time for Calgarians to seriously begin looking forward at what we want 2008 […]

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Ready. Set. Go?

by DJ Kelly November 6, 2007

Is this seriously all it takes to start up a blog? I’ve been wanting to do it for some time now but was worried that I would have nothing to say. Well here I am now! I’ve still got nothing to say but I know that part will flow later. For now I just need […]

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