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The Wildrose Alliance and being new

by DJ Kelly January 6, 2010

It seems strange to me to congratulate someone who is effectively spewing venom. But I feel proud of Rob Anderson for switching allegiance from the Alberta PCs to the Wildrose Alliance. No sooner had he made the announcement and he began immediately exposing the dark corners of the Government he had supported and loved so dearly not […]

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"To tweet or not to tweet?" More like The Tempest!

by DJ Kelly May 7, 2009

At Lunchbox Theatre I floated an idea that was more than a little out there. I didn’t expect it to gain much traction (in marketing you get used to that happening when you propose things “outside of the box”). But it did gain traction. And after getting the approval of the AD, GM, Literary Manager […]

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Not done yet

by DJ Kelly April 26, 2008

Probably only those of you that read the djkelly.ca Blog through RSS or receive it through email are going to read this, but I wanted to let you know that despite my recent lack of blogging activity AND despite the fact that my domain registrar is doing their best to ensure “djkelly.ca” sites are no […]

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Times, they are a-changing

by DJ Kelly January 13, 2008

How long do you have to blog for before you can/will consider yourself a blogger? I’m not sure, but over the holidays I put on my marketing cap, got a little bit introspective on myself, did a bit of thinking about what this blog is really about. As you can see from the description over […]

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Blogging about blogging (such introspection!)

by DJ Kelly December 20, 2007

In case you haven’t heard yet: the Canadian Blog Awards finally have a new home and will be presented this year after all. I’m not suggesting you should vote for me – far from it. I’m not even sure what category this blog would be nominatable in. Best New Blog? Best Non-Partisan Blog? Maybe, Best […]

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