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What data should be included in the City of Calgary’s Open Data Pilot Project

by DJ Kelly June 15, 2010

The City of Calgary’s Open Data Pilot Project is set to begin this summer. (Despite recent attempts to quell the future of the project at a council committee meeting. More on that in a future post.) As the project is being mapped out moving toward a launch date, it’s important to note that it will […]

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Nenshi + Hawkesworth = stronger McIver

by DJ Kelly May 27, 2010

Today Naheed Nenshi has announced he will be running for mayor. On Monday we can expect a similar announcement from Bob Hawkesworth. The big winner from these announcements? Ric McIver. As recently as yesterday, things were not looking great for Mr. McIver’s chances of becoming Calgary’s next mayor. As each mayoral candidate announced (Joe Connelly, […]

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City of Calgary fraud allegations and a simple open data solution

by DJ Kelly May 21, 2010

The process of transparency and accountability is one we often talk about – certainly some of the mayoralty candidates have put it at the top of their list of election issues – but rarely take steps to do much about. Often the idea boils down to “people need to vote to hold politicians accountable” or […]

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The No ‘How’ Part 1: Ald. Ric McIver

by DJ Kelly May 10, 2010

In follow up to my last post where I asked 2010 municipal election candidates to tell us ‘how’ they will accomplish their objectives instead of just ‘what’ those objectives would be, I thought it was only fair that I take the first ‘kick at the can’ so to speak. On Friday – almost ironically the […]

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Notice to all candidates: Don’t tell me ‘what’; tell me ‘how’

by DJ Kelly May 7, 2010

As election time approaches we are going to hear a LOT of potential politicians trying to articulate their vision for the City. They’ll be laying out their goals, and some may even layout a few objectives for how they will accomplish their goal. But let’s never forget that the life of an alderman or mayor […]

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