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Calgary open data report delayed

by DJ Kelly December 11, 2009

I heard about this a couple weeks ago but didn’t get a chance to look into it any further until recently. It looks like the City of Calgary’s Open Data report from Administration to Council originally scheduled for December has been delayed. Apparently it has taken a lot more work to put the report together […]

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Plan It, round 2: The most important decision facing Calgarians

by DJ Kelly September 24, 2009

Next week is a BIG week in Calgary. As Naheed Nenshi correctly states in his Calgary Herald op-ed today, “On Monday, Calgary city council makes a decision bigger and more important than all the other decisions it has made since being elected . . . combined.” Plan It – the document that lays out how […]

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Loving or hating Calgary’s new bridge is not as easy as it sounds

by DJ Kelly July 29, 2009

A few months ago I wrote to ask Calgarians to wait until the design of the new Santiago Calatrava bridge was released before deciding if the $22 million price tag was worth it. The design was supposed to be released by the end of May, then the big day was scheduled for August 6, before […]

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“Open Government” coming to Calgary?

by DJ Kelly July 21, 2009

It’s pretty exciting to be able to announce something the City of Calgary is about to do on a blog. It’s also rather fitting in this case. Open Government projects have started popping up around the world; most recently in Washington, DC and Canada’s own Vancouver. And now we can hopefully add Calgary to that […]

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“Let’s broaden the discussion”

by DJ Kelly July 16, 2009

After all the hoopla these past few weeks at Calgary City Council, it has been easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. And I think this is what a lot of Calgarians have been critizing their council of. To be honest I just think the shear amount of business being conducted has split everyone’s […]

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