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Process of approving new Calgary wards is what needs an overhaul

by DJ Kelly May 27, 2009

I don’t know where to begin with my questions/issues around what transpired at last night’s Calgary City Council meeting. The whole thing is just so bizarre and unfathomable. How about with a summary of what has happened up until this point in regards to re-drawing the ward boundaries in time for the 2010 election? As […]

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What kind of bridge will $25 million get us?

by DJ Kelly May 22, 2009

When I first heard about Calgary’s two “designer” bridges I was skeptical but excited. If there is one thing ALL Calgarian’s agree on it’s that our city needs to be more lively and attractive. “Iconic” architecture is something we are seriously lacking currently. One of these bridges is set to be placed just off the […]

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New Ward Boundaries Demystified

by DJ Kelly February 21, 2009

The winds of change are blowing at Calgary City Council. (I’m sure you already knew that.) As I stated in the preamble to my previous post about the lack of representation of Calgarians on our city council – as compared to other Canadian cities – Council is redrawing the ward maps in the gear up […]

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Lack of representation on Calgary City Council and the New Wards

by DJ Kelly February 20, 2009

Yes, it is true – despite much protesting from Alderman Andre Chabot – the City of Calgary has decided to change it’s Ward maps for 2010. This was done, from what I understand, to create a more balanced work-load among alderman, as some Wards have grown larger than others in recent years. Personally, I really […]

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Please stop picking on the arts so I can sleep

by DJ Kelly November 20, 2008

Is anyone else tired? Or is it just me? I’m an arts advocate (among other things – don’t try to define me!) and it turns out that has been about as busy a person as you could be lately. First I was run off my keester during the Federal election because the PM decided to […]

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