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Civic arts funding approved

by DJ Kelly November 20, 2008

Thanks to the efforts of the members of the CPAA and some thoughtful deliberation by our Aldermen, today Council defeated two motions to cut arts funding from the 2009-2011 civic budget. The first motion was regarding the Public Arts Program while the second was a motion to cut increases to Calgary Arts Development’s granting budget. […]

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When is a good time to invest in our future?

by DJ Kelly November 18, 2008

Also available on the Calgary Herald’s Q. Several years ago Rick Bell wrote one of my favourite lines about Calgary. He called it, “the city planning forgot.” At the time, I whole-heartedly agreed. It was the mid-90s and it seemed the city was pulling itself apart after a period of growth that all areas of […]

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A political pat on the back from the arts community

by DJ Kelly February 21, 2008

I’d like to take a moment to actually pat a politician on the back. I don’t do this very often so please savour the moment… ah… yes… Yesterday Calgary City Council made a very smart move – a move that looks to the future instead of just fixing the here and now. Calgary Arts Development […]

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Alderman vs. Councillor: the answer is HERE!

by DJ Kelly December 4, 2007

I don’t get what all the hub-bub about changing Alderman to Councillor is. Last night Calgary’s city council once again defeated a motion to change their titles from the former to the latter. Now I know what you are going to say: “But DJ, alderman is a sexist term and needs to be changed. It’s […]

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Yes, "infrastructure spending" means "more construction"

by DJ Kelly November 21, 2007

This Q Blog entry frustrates me. While I agree with Angela’s thesis statement her logic on one point is confusing. Yes, we all agree Calgary city council needs to focus on infrastructure. You’ve said it, council has said it, the media has said it, and 41 percent of Calgarians have said it. But Angela’s got […]

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