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Oh, Herald… at least you make me laugh every so often

by DJ Kelly November 22, 2007

The front page of the Herald today made me laugh. Not because it was funny, but because every time I walked by a box on the street and saw the lead headline: “Ottawa targets identity thieves”, I couldn’t help but think to myself how the subheading should go something like: “But they keep getting the […]

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Oh, Herald… maybe the internets aren’t the best place for you

by DJ Kelly November 20, 2007

Last Wednesday I passed on my thanks and luv to the Calgary Herald for finally entering the 21st-century by adding RSS feeds to their website. I was so happy mainly because it was unexpected. Now they’ve gone and done what maybe I should have expected all along: the RSS feeds are broken. And have been […]

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Herald + RSS = deserving of DJ’s luv

by DJ Kelly November 14, 2007

Today is a very good day for my relationship with the Calgary Herald. We’re BFF now. Or, for now. I’ve often cursed the Herald for wanting to put so much of an emphasis in its online content. “But DJ, why would you do that? You love the internet. You get almost all your news from […]

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