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Have a good cry. It’ll be alright.

by DJ Kelly January 22, 2008

Thanks for trying everyone! But we didn’t quite have enough to push us into the top five of any category at the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards. Even a last minute push of readers from The Enlightened Savage urging them to vote for my candidate for best blog post couldn’t put us high enough. I’ve taken […]

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Rumour mill now slowly turning at Eau Claire

by DJ Kelly January 16, 2008

While we are on the topic of unsubstantiated rumours I might as well give all you fine looking readers out there another one. I assume you’d like that because yesterday was a banner day for our little blog here – most visits since inception! Hot damn. That might be because I was asking everyone to […]

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We made the long list! Only you can help us make the short list.

by DJ Kelly January 15, 2008

Well it looks as though our little blog here has been nominated for three 2007 Canadian Blog Awards! It’s been nominated for: Best New Blog Best Blog Post Best Local Blog So please vote! Everyone only gets one vote so yours counts! Please help me move up those rankings and place in the top five […]

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Blogging about blogging (such introspection!)

by DJ Kelly December 20, 2007

In case you haven’t heard yet: the Canadian Blog Awards finally have a new home and will be presented this year after all. I’m not suggesting you should vote for me – far from it. I’m not even sure what category this blog would be nominatable in. Best New Blog? Best Non-Partisan Blog? Maybe, Best […]

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