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Year-End Blog Review

by DJ Kelly January 3, 2010

As 2009 comes to a close I wanted to take a look back. It was a good year for me personally and I think this blog shows some of the highlights that come to my mind when I reminisce about the last year of the decade. I could simply select my favourite posts, but I […]

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The 6 o’clock news is a 1950s department store

by DJ Kelly August 18, 2009

For my CBC Wildrose column today I chose to speak about ESPN and the Southeastern Conference (NCAA)’s new social media policies. (You can listen online here.) As the host, Donna McElligott points out toward the end of the interview, what we are really seeing here in sports organizations is they are struggling with the same […]

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Mad Avenue Blues

by DJ Kelly June 11, 2009

With the advent of free online news there something had to give. And unfortunately we are seeing the outcome of that now as companies such as CTV, Canwest Global and even the government supported CBC, struggle to update their business model so they can keep the news flowing. There isn’t much in the way of […]

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"To tweet or not to tweet?" More like The Tempest!

by DJ Kelly May 7, 2009

At Lunchbox Theatre I floated an idea that was more than a little out there. I didn’t expect it to gain much traction (in marketing you get used to that happening when you propose things “outside of the box”). But it did gain traction. And after getting the approval of the AD, GM, Literary Manager […]

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Okay, everybody look like you’re working for the camera!

by DJ Kelly January 28, 2009

When I saw this image flash across my screen last night while watching CBC’s The National (had to hear what the At Issue panel had to say) I damn near laughed myself off the couch. Forget about the budget for a second, why the need for this lame-o photo op? Did someone in the Conservative […]

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