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My comments to City Council on the future of Calgary

by DJ Kelly June 25, 2009

For those that follow my Twitter feed and my blog you know I have have had an entirely split focus for the past couple of days. My blog has dealt exclusively with the Doug Elniski issue while on Twitter I have posted dozens of tweets over the same time regarding the City of Calgary’s PlanIT […]

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Civic arts funding approved

by DJ Kelly November 20, 2008

Thanks to the efforts of the members of the CPAA and some thoughtful deliberation by our Aldermen, today Council defeated two motions to cut arts funding from the 2009-2011 civic budget. The first motion was regarding the Public Arts Program while the second was a motion to cut increases to Calgary Arts Development’s granting budget. […]

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When is a good time to invest in our future?

by DJ Kelly November 18, 2008

Also available on the Calgary Herald’s Q. Several years ago Rick Bell wrote one of my favourite lines about Calgary. He called it, “the city planning forgot.” At the time, I whole-heartedly agreed. It was the mid-90s and it seemed the city was pulling itself apart after a period of growth that all areas of […]

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But now where will I watch drunk businessmen wearing cowboy hats hit on college age girls?

by DJ Kelly November 7, 2007

Dang. Since when does the planning department actually take into account crime statistics? That’s great news if they do. It must mean the City of Calgary has some of the best inter-departmental communications of any major corporation in the country. Stop laughing. They might! What’d you know anyway? Either way this news means something for […]

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