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Calgary City Council saves face by embarrassing themselves: ward boundaries solved!

by DJ Kelly July 14, 2009

Watching Calgary City Council debate the ward boundaries for the 2010 election last night was one of the funniest moments I think I’ve seen in that hallowed chamber. I mean funny as in sad. Like a comedy of errors. A comedy of people so deep in trouble the only way out was to thoroughly embarrass […]

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Where’s the mayor?

by DJ Kelly May 22, 2009

This afternoon Prime Minister Stephen Harper joined Premier Ed Stelmach, federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice and Mayor Dave… what?… what’s that? Bronconnier wasn’t at the Calgary ring road funding announcement? But it’s the Calgary ring road. All three levels of government are putting up the cash for it. Where the heck is the mayor? Deputy […]

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Rumour mill now slowly turning at Eau Claire

by DJ Kelly January 16, 2008

While we are on the topic of unsubstantiated rumours I might as well give all you fine looking readers out there another one. I assume you’d like that because yesterday was a banner day for our little blog here – most visits since inception! Hot damn. That might be because I was asking everyone to […]

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Did Bronco suddenly go insane while I was tying my shoes?

by DJ Kelly November 7, 2007

I guess I blinked or something because $1.3 billion was just spent by the City of Calgary in one day. And at the very first council meeting! And with four alderman who have only had their jobs for three weeks! Well, it seems that while I was in the bathroom Bronconnier quickly fulfilled the lion’s […]

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