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A culture of policy announcements: 30% is a good step

by DJ Kelly January 26, 2008

This morning the provincial government unveiled their much anticipated (at least it was anticipated a year and a half ago) cultural policy. (You can read it here.) I was extremely impressed with the number of people that showed up to the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Turnout was such that there were not enough chairs and […]

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A lawyer mountain out of a domain name mole hill

by DJ Kelly January 9, 2008

This is just so darn silly I can’t believe it is actually happening. Let’s say for a second you made a mistake. A mistake that you know was a mistake. A mistake someone picked up on; a mistake that they could exploit to hurt your reputation. They’re not doing that yet but you don’t really […]

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Kidz fun with… license plates?!

by DJ Kelly January 7, 2008

Hey kids want to have a blast online! The Alberta Government knows you love that internets thingy! So click here to play Ed Stelmach’s newest online game/internet sensation for the kiddies: the Alberta License Plate Scramble! Does our government know how to speak to the latest generation or what? Certainly I could not think of […]

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I always thought Chandler was the biggest whiner of the Friends, didn’t you?

by DJ Kelly December 4, 2007

It looks like Craig Chandler has resigned his Alberta PC membership and is suing the party just days ago he wanted to represent in the next election. Maybe it’s just me, but this smacks of arrogance. It strikes me that if you can turn your back that quickly on the party you wanted to fly […]

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Happy anniversary you Party animals!

by DJ Kelly December 3, 2007

Happy first anniversary to Ed Stelmach and Stephane Dion. (Today marks one year since both were elected to lead their parties – as everybody’s second choice.) So far boys, it looks like you are living up to absolutely everyone’s expectations. Keep up the… good (?)… work (?).

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